Amber jet necklace, beaded necklace, yellow black


  • 15 mm large natural jet bead
  • small genuine Baltic amber chunks
  • vintage wood beads
  • 50 cm long



Amber jet necklace, beaded necklace, yellow black

Amber jet necklace, beaded necklace in yellow and black colors featuring:

a 15 mm large genuine jet bead

small genuine Baltic amber chunks

vintage black wooden beads,6  mm large

Total length: 50 cm/ 19,6 cm. On a 1,5 mm leather thread. Finished with a bronze-colored screw clasp.

Amber jet necklace, beaded – therapeutic necklace

The reason for making this necklace with those unique materials is simple. I have experienced the therapeutic qualities of jet and amber myself. And I want to share them.

Jet is calming and absorbing all negative energy, it has a strong anti-anxiety effect.

Amber is perfect for lighting depression and stimulating the thyroid.

Together it is is a marvelous combo.

If you would like to have this matching yellow black bracelet, you can have them both just for +5 euro extra. (30 euro+shipment together). Please contact me for price adjustment.

Organic gemstones

Natural Jet and Baltic Amber are classed as organic gemstones. They are not minerals but organic compounds. In fact, they are a life form.

Jet and Baltic Amber necklaces are also used by Pagans / Wiccans as they represent the sun and the moon. Amber is said to contain magical properties and has a unique energy signature. Jet like Baltic Amber is also used for magic and spiritual purposes. Put together in a necklace you find that the Baltic Amber brings energy.

Baltic Amber
Amber is time-hardened fossilised resin from trees. It varies in age from about 20 to 60 million years old, according to different sources. Amber is extremely light and warm to touch and was known to the ancient Greeks as electron, and from this we have obtained the word electron for the negatively charged particle, and also the word electricity. The best amber is usually clear and translucent, but inclusions can enhance its beauty, rarity and value. Some amber contains a number of naturally occurring gas bubbles. The most important source of amber is from the Baltic area and is found from two sources, sea and mining.

Jet is fossilised wood which is millions of years old. It appears surprisingly light to wear and like Amber is warm to touch. The dominant species of tree that produced natural Jet was the Araucaria very similar to the (Araucaria) Araucana we see today. Its common name is the Monkey-puzzle tree or Chilean pine.
Jet is the embodiment of classical chic, simple sophistication that is timeless. Jet has been mined since about 1500BC and beads, charms and pendants have been found in ancient burial mounds. The history of Jet traces the development of prehistoric man from early Stone Age and has continued to be more or less significant up to present day.

Amber jet necklace, beaded – care

Ideally, you should avoid exposing your Jet and Baltic Amber beads to any lotions, chemicals, polishes, or anything that will leave a residue, including soaps and shampoo.
In order to preserve your necklace all that is required is for you to find a clean soft cloth, and slightly dampen the bead part of your jewellery with warm, but not hot water. This should remove any oil or debris that has adhered to your necklace.
Immediately after this process remember to dry your Jet and Baltic Amber beads with a clean dry cloth. The anti-tarnish strip or bag is used only to avoid the sterling silver tarnishing.


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