Black basalt necklace on leather, adjustable length



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A 30×18 mm black basalt gemstone with a unique polka dot pattern, reminding of night sky. Art made by nature,

This type of rock is also known as Mandelstein or amygdaloidal rock. The cavities in the volcanic rock, usually basalt or adnesite, get filled with minerals such as quartz, opal, chalcedony etc. Sometimes these can be sources of semi-precious stones such as agate.

This black basalt necklace has chalcedoný inclusions. This is really a rare gemstone, certainly one of a kind. Coming from the sleeping volcanoes of Russia.

I wrapped this pebblestone in 22 g silver plated wire. The wrapping leaves open the unique polka dot pattern.

The pendant itself is 45x 20 mm large.

The black basalt necklace chain is made of 3 mm black leather (snake or bolo pattern) and has the adjustable length from 42 to 47 cm.

This necklace is unisex can be a gift for him or for her, the length can be customized (extended) to 50 cm.


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