Christmas tree necklace uvarovite crystal sterling silver


  • 3.5×1 cm uvarovite druzy crystal
  • wrapped in 925 silver wire
  • Christmas tree, bail with a star
  • on 50 cm sterling chain, 1.2 mm thick


Christmas tree necklace Uvarovite crystal necklace, a 3.5×1 cm druzy pendant in the shape of a Christmas tree, wrapped in sterling silver wire, on 50 cm sterling silver chain

This unusual tree shaped Russian Uvarovite crystal comes from the Urals mountains.

The druzy crystal reminded me of a fir tree, growing in the taiga. I wrapped it carefully in .8 and .4 mm sterling wire and decorated with a silver star on the bail.
The uvarovite crystal has been wrapped not too tight since the stone is very fragile. It is one of the reasons the uvarovite jewelry is so expensive because working with this stone is really challenging.

The Christmas tree necklace Uvarovite will be delivered on a 50 cm foxtail sterling silver chain, 1.2 mm thick. It will make a perfect Christmas gift. Just be on time to order it.

Since uvarovite druzy IS fragile, please don’t let this uvarovite necklace fall to the ground. Nor bury it under the other jewelry in a jewelry box. Keep it in a separate box and it will give you a lasting pleasure.

Check out this druzy ring

Read more about uvarovite garnet here

Uvarovite is lush emerald green in color, the only consistently green Garnet. Named for a Russian statesman, it is sometimes confused with Emerald because of its deep green color and is hard to distinguish from the dark green Grossular Garnet, Tsavorite, even though their chemical compositions are different. It is very rare in gem form.

Uvarovite is often found in its drusy form, a natural surface coating of tiny sparkling crystals covering a rock, sometimes made into beautiful jewelry. If a crystal is faceted or tumbled, it is almost certainly Tsavorite. Because it is so rare, Uvarovite is a very special crystal to give to a loved one as it symbolizes what is precious and lasting.

Uvarovite, with its intense energy, promotes prosperity and wealth. It assists one in learning to joyfully accept what is offered by the Universe, and by clearing the channels of receiving, one is more likely to accept the prosperity that is available.

Uvarovite promotes individuality without egocentricity, and at the same time links the soul into its universal nature.



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