Devil necklace sterling silver coral horn


  • 925 silver
  • genuine 3,5 cm red coral horn
  • custom leather necklace


Devil necklace sterling silver coral horn, fertility amulet for men.

A very unusual horn necklace featuring genuine 3,5 cm red coral horn.

The horn has been wrapped by and supported by sterling silver wire of different thickness.

This red coral pendant reperesents the figure of a squatting devil.

Inspired by the Lanzarote devil, a symbol of virility and fecundity, this unisex necklace is maybe best suited as mens necklace. It is a nice (maybe a bit naughty) gift for him. Amulets and symbolic figures of this kind have been worn by mankind for millenia’s. Art is full of sexual symbolism. And jewelry does not have to be sweet all the time, some chilli peppers are good for zest and variety.

The choice for red coral has been deliberate: red coral is the stone of passion. Coral also attracts love and prosperity. Creativity and optimism are also qualities that coral brings out.

The stone has synergy with the total design bringing the wearer in contact with the energies of the root chakra.

The 2 inch (5 cm) large red devil pendant is suspended on a 2 mm thick black leather wire. I can cut it in any desired length or make it a double chain (*see picture – up to 50 cm). Will be finished with a sterling (spring) clasp.


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