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Orange eyed cat necklace, copper necklace orange topaz


  • pendant made of copper and brass
  • with genuine 2,5 mm orange topaz
  • pendant size 30 mm
  • 3 mm leather necklace, 50 cm long


Orange eyed cat necklace, made from copper, brass and genuine 2,5 mm orange topaz gemstone.

30 mm large.Made using inlay technique from a copper plate and brass wire. The eyes have been set in the eyeholes using resin.

This orange eyed cat face is thoughtful and a bit mysterious. I have drawn the kitty myself and gave this orange eyed cat an “M” mark on the forehead. Tabby cats all do have this mark. There are many legends about the origin of this mark. According to them the tabby cat has been blessed by Virgin Mary (Christian) or Prophet Mohammed (Islamic).

With two loops soldered on the reverse side. Two point support allows a round necklace line. The loops are invisible and do not interfere with the cat’s face.

The reverse side will be finished with an anti-tarnish coating to minimize the natural “greening” effect of copper on the skin. As the cat head is slightly domed the contact between copper and skin is minimized anyway.

Will be delivered on a 3mm braided leather chain, color copper metallic, 50 cm long.
Finished with a bronze clasp..

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