Raw beryl pendant: raw emerald + raw aquamarine, pearls, 925 silver


  • genuine raw beryl pendant: 9 raw emeralds and aquamarines 3-6 mm
  • two genuine freshwater pearls
  • 925 sterling silver
  • without chain


Raw beryl pendant: raw emerald + raw aquamarine, two genuine freshwater pearls, 925 silver

A variety of raw beryls (9 pieces) in all colors, from dark green to pale blue. Size from 3 to 6 mm. The green colored beryls are called emeralds and the pale blue – aquamarines. Actually they belong to the same gemstone family. Emerald and aquamarine are varieties of beryl.
Since emerald is the birthstone for May and July and the aquamarine – for March and November, this pendant can be matched to the horoscope of the person with all these signs in the natal chart.

I shaped and polished the crystals just a bit and fastened them to the sterling silver wire (using glue and wire wrapping for extra security).

Two genuine freshwater pearls have been placed in the middle. The green one is 6 mm, the white is 8 mm.

Raw beryl pendant size is about 4×4 cm (1.5×1.5 inch). It has a rounded shape and a harmonious look.

A flat bail will be added to accommodate chains up to 5 mm.

Chain is not included.

Read more about emerald here

Emeralds are fascinating gemstones. The name emerald comes from the Greek ‘smaragdos’ via the Old French ‘esmeralde’, and really just means ‘green gemstone’. In top quality, fine emeralds are even more valuable than diamonds. However is is a misconception that all emeralds are expensive. Lower quality emeralds are quite affordable, so June people can always receive an affordable gemstone as a gift. The best emeralds come from Colombia. Fine emeralds are also found in other countries, such as Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Russia.

The green of the emerald is the colour of life, beauty and of constant love.

Emerald is so beneficial that naming its positive qualities would take many pages.However one quality deserves a special mention: the stone is healing for the eyes and can improve eyesight.

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Keywords: travel, communication, anti-anxiety

The name Aquamarine comes from the Latin aqua marinus, meaning “water of the sea,” and refers to its sparkling ocean-like color. The pale blue, transparent crystal is a member of the Beryl family. Aquamarines come in different qualities: transparency, lack of inclusions and pure seawater color (“aqua marinus” is Latin for seawater) indicate the highest quality, which is also the most expensive.

Aquamarine embodies all things connected to the sea, as well as those things relating to Heaven reflected on the surface of the water. It becomes a mirror, reflecting itself indefinitely, making it possible to discover hidden meanings of reality.

Associated with the 5th (Throat) chakra, Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking, and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types.

Aquamarine is a Water element stone, powerful for cleansing the emotional body and opening communication.

As a travel crystal, greenish blue Aquamarine protects those who journey by sea, alleviating the fear of water, and guards those involved in any long-haul travel such as flying or driving long distances.I always take mine when traveling by air.

As a love crystal, pale blue Aquamarine encourages a lover to return, helps two people with different lifestyles to live together in harmony, and reduces the effects of sensitive issues that cause quarrels.


In this jewelry piece, a genuine freshwater pearl has been used. This is a cultured pearl.

Cultured pearls are just as real as the natural variety. They grow inside the mollusk in exactly the same way. They are not imitation, and they are not fake. A cultured pearl necklace is as genuine as its natural cousin. The majority of cultured pearls available today derive from freshwater mussels and saltwater pearl oysters. Although all pearls develop in the same way, the cultured pearl requires some human assistance to get the process started. To do this, the pearl farmer inserts a small bead or section of mantle tissue under the mollusk’s shell. Nature then takes over. The animal begins to deposit layers of nacre around the irritating substance, slowly building up the cultured pearl. Cultured pearls so closely resemble the natural variety that experts often find it difficult to tell the two types apart. A final determination frequently requires the use of an X-ray to identify the initial irritant deep in the pearl’s interior.

The cultured pearls used in my jewelry originate mainly from freshwater mollusks. They are inexpensive so they have quite a few irregularities: size, shape etc.

Read more about different types of pearls here


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