Raw tsavorite green garnet pendant, leaf shaped, sterling silver


  • 25×25 mm tsavorite druzy crystal
  • set in 925 silver
  • chain not icnluded, can be delivered as an option


Raw tsavorite green garnet pendant. Featuring a raw green garnet – grossular –  crystal. 25×25 mm (1×1 inch) sterling silver pendant, a beautiful piece of raw crystal jewelry. Floral cross shape: a leaf and a cross lay the bridge between faith and nature.

This tiny floral cross pendant has a genuine tsavorite crystal. Yet it is inexpensive since the crystal is raw and not transparent. I have polished it just a bit to fit into the bezel.

A chain is not included, Can be delivered as an option (+10-20 euro). Please contact me.

Would you like to see another green garnet (uvarovite)? Found in Russia only.

Garnets: a colorful family.

Garnets come in many varieties and colors. The first discovered garnets were red: almandine, pyrope.
Later, green garnet varieties like demantoid, grossular and uvarovite were found in Russia.

The grossular has been first found in 1790 in Siberia, in the same region, where this stone comes from, in the basin of the river Vilui. The founder wanted to give the mineral the name of “Viluite”, but 20 years later a better name was given. “Grossular”, derived from the botanical name for the gooseberry, grossularia.

200 years later, in the 1960s in the Tsavo area of Kenya a new gem was discovered, a bright green variety of grossular. The people who discovered it suggested a new name “tsavorite”.
There is also a mint-green variety of grossular named “merelani garnet”, quite rare and expensive.

Technically the difference between tsavorite and grossular is that tsavorite is a member of the grossular family, bright green in color. High-quality grossular/tsavorite can get very expensive.


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