Seahorse necklace silver and pearls, sea shell


  • 999 and 925 silver,
  • 35×25 mm seashell, freshwater pearls, pink and white
  • pendant size 4 cm
  • custom length chain


Seahorse necklace silver and pearls, seahorse hand sculpted from 999-silver on a 35×25 mm seashell

This piece of the seashell jewelry is all about summer, holidays, sea, beach…
I found the shell beachcombing on the beaches of Scheveningen, Netherlands. Those beaches are wide and gorgeous, the current is strong and it brings some sea treasures.
The shape was perfect and the shell large enough for a silver seahorse pendant.

A tiny seahorse (0,6 inch/ 15 mm) was formed from precious metal clay, hand carved, fired and attached with silver pins to a piece of shell, together with a genuine pink pearl (artificially grown).

The seashell pendant is 4 cm large, including the shell.

The seashell necklace has been hung onto a 1mm pearl-colored leather chain. The chain has been decorated with 9 genuine freshwater pearls. They have been beaded onto the leather cord and fixed so they won’t move. The necklace will be cut to order in any desired length (up to very long) and finished with a sterling silver lobster clasp.

This seahorse necklace silver is subtle and classic. Pearls, shell, silver make a wonderful match. A perfect gift for a lover of the sea and sea jewelry.

The symbolic meaning of seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises. The seahorse is quite a unique creature and thought to have mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European (alchemists) and Asians.

Symbolic meaning of Seahorses carry the following significances: Patience, Friendliness, Protection, Inflexibility, Perspective, Generosity/Sharing, High-Perception, Persistence, and Contentment. A relatively calm, and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. Their bodies are geared for ambling-type motion – not for speed. Thus, they are symbolic of patience and contentment – they are happy with being where they are and are in no hurry for advancement.


In this jewelry piece, a genuine freshwater pearl has been used. This is a cultured pearl.

Cultured pearls are just as real as the natural variety. They grow inside the mollusk in exactly the same way. They are not imitation, and they are not fake. A cultured pearl necklace is as genuine as its natural cousin. The majority of cultured pearls available today derive from freshwater mussels and saltwater pearl oysters. Although all pearls develop in the same way, the cultured pearl requires some human assistance to get the process started. To do this, the pearl farmer inserts a small bead or section of mantle tissue under the mollusk’s shell. Nature then takes over. The animal begins to deposit layers of nacre around the irritating substance, slowly building up the cultured pearl. Cultured pearls so closely resemble the natural variety that experts often find it difficult to tell the two types apart. A final determination frequently requires the use of an X-ray to identify the initial irritant deep in the pearl’s interior.

The cultured pearls used in my jewelry originate mainly from freshwater mollusks. They are inexpensive so they have quite a few irregularities: size, shape etc.

Read more about different types of pearls here


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