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Silver cat head bracelet or pendant


  • 999 silver with 925 silver fournitures
  • to wear as a bracelet or pendant
  • soft black leather wristband, customizable length
  • cat head size 2 cm


999-silver cat head bracelet, hand sculpted cat head can also be worn as pendant, on a hidden bail through which a soft nappa leather band is running.

The main element in this silver cat bracelet (which can also be worn as a pendant) is a cat head sculpted from precious metal clay. Precious metal clay allows to create naturalistic figures with all fine details. Such as oval shaped eyes of purple colored cubic zirconia stones and whiskers of fine silver wire.The whiskers have been soldered to the cat head so they will not bend or get stuck when wearing.

After processing the precious metal clay becomes silver of highest content – 999 silver.

This fine silver cat head bracelet has been made in the naturalistic style of “cats zilvera”. It has a hidden bail allowing it to be mounted onto a band of soft nappa leather (1,5 cm wide). The silver cat bracelet will be finished according to the desired size with a sterling silver watch clasp.

This silver cat bracelet can also be worn as a pendant, using the same hidden bail. It looks cool both ways.

The quoted price is for the finished bracelet.

The pendant version – without leather band – will be sold at a 10% discount. Ask for a coupon code.


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