Silver wolverine animal necklace, wolverine on large belomorite, massive hexagon shape pendant on black leather custom chain


  • 4,5 cm gemstone pendant
  • Russian gemstone: belomorite
  • 925 silver
  • custom leather chain, 3 mm thick


Silver wolverine animal necklace, wolverine animal on large belomorite, massive hexagon shape pendant on a black leather custom chain

This unusual silver wolverine animal necklace features a large rare gemstone from Russia. Belomorite, the main stone, comes from the Kola Peninsula.

A 2.5×1.5 cm figure of a wolverine animal has been cut from a sterling silver sheet. The wolverine has been fastened with soldered sterling pins onto a 4.5 cm large hexagonal belomorite. The pins have been glued into the holes drilled in the stone. The holes are not through, so the reverse side of the pendant is smooth. The pendant is heavy and massive.

The belomorite has been wrapped in black leather. The pendant hangs on a 3 mm black leather chain, The chain will be cut to any desired length (please choose one at the checkout).

The silver wolverine animal necklace is a nice gift for him, but can also be worn as a unisex necklace.

About belomorite

Belomorite is a Russian gemstone found on the shores of the White Sea. Belyi means ‘white’. It is quite rare as compared to other moonstone varieties. As all moonstones, it stimulates imagination and creativity. However, being found so high in the north it is ‘the coolest’ stone which acts very gently without destabilizing the nervous system.

This particular moonstone may look greyish in daylight, but it has a wonderful blue flash in it. The blue flash can be seen when moonlight or other gentle light falls on it. In fact, its flashes remind the lights of Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights.

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Meet the wolverine animal (in you)

Symbolic Wolverine Meaning and Wolverine Totem
When we’re talking about wolverine symbolism, we’re talking about some intense energy. We’re also dealing with wild, unpredictable behavior.
The wolverine belongs to the weasel family, and it’s the largest of the clan. All members of the weasel clan can be mischievous – but the wolverine wreaks havoc to a whole new level. Wolverines share qualities with the badger and the bear, but wolverine meaning is unique unto itself.
Why? It has to do with ferocity, determination, and an uncompromising nature. The wolverine does not surrender. It does not back down. This is a relatively small animal (about 55+ pounds) that will take down a deer if it’s in the mood to do so.
If you struggle with your dark side – the wolverine will tell you to love your shadows.
Wolverine meaning as a totem is all about power. The animal is also tremendously adaptable. They seem to have an unsinkable attitude when it comes to adversity.

Are you a survivor? Do you adapt, persevere and overcome? If so, then symbolic wolverine meaning might hit home for you.


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