Slavic pendant chrome diopside, silver, Star of Svarog


  • 925 silver
  • transparent octagon chrome diopside: 6mm*6.5mm.
  • size 2,5×2,2 cm
  • chain not included


Slavic pendant chrome diopside, in sterling silver. Featuring the star of Svarog, the Slavic version of the Celtic knot. With a gorgeous faceted deep green chrome diopside, set in sterling silver.
Size: 1×0.9 inch (2.5×2.25 cm). The square (octagon) gemstone size: 6mm*6.5mm.
Chain not included, can be delivered as an extra

Design and materials.

Deep green color combined with transparency gives a stone more value. The deep green color of chrome diopside is natural and not enhanced. The stone has been facetted in the octagon shape. Origin: Yakutia, Russia

This beautiful Slavic pendant chrome diopside has been inspired by our pre-Christian Slavic jewelry. In the Slavic jewelry, this piece is called the star of Russia or the star of Svarog.
Svarog is the Slavic god of celestial fire and of blacksmithing. The Star of Svarog is a powerful amulet. It a symbol of the unity of the three worlds. Of earth and fire. This is a powerful amulet both for men and women. Check out another piece of Star of Svarog jewelry

About  chrome diopside

Chrome Diopside is a beautiful and rare green stone. For most of the time since its discovery in 1988, chrome diopside was sourced from only one location, Russia’s Eastern Siberia

Chrome Diopside is called the Yakutian Emerald

Chrome Diopside Mines are found near kimberlite shafts near the mountains in Siberia. The mining of Chrome Diopside can be very tough to do. In sub-zero temperatures, a man’s strength is diminished greatly. That is one reason why it is only mined three months out of the year, July – August.

Chrome Diopside makes an excellent substitute for other green gemstones, mainly Emerald and Tsavorite, as it exhibits a similar color at a fraction of the cost. In fact, Chrome Diopside is the most affordable of all the rich green colored gemstones. Chrome Diopside is not treated. Unlike most other gems, which are heated, irradiated or oiled – there is absolutely NO treatment given to Chrome Diopside.




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