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Wind turbine earrings turquoise fine silver


  • 999 and 925 silver
  • genuine turquoise gemstones 8×8 mm
  • original triple leaf design
  • 5 cm large


Wind turbine earrings, handmade from 999 silver and embellished with genuine 8×8 mm turquoise gemstones. 5 cm large yet very light to wear. These modern wind turbine earrings symbolize the power of air. They have been shaped using an old Japanese decorative pattern.

The “blades” of the wind turbine earrings are in fact three leaves. The triple leaf pattern is a popular pattern, not only in Japan but throughout the world. At the same time it is a shape of a modern wind turbine pinwheel. It is interesting why wind turbines have three blades: in fact it is just an aerodynamic compromise. The more blades the more the resistance. Each blade disturbs the air for the following blade.

When making these wind turbine earrings I did not think about aerodynamics. The blue turquoise cabochons reminded me of the blue sky and of the air which moves along the pinwheel. The air, invisible, yet so powerful. symbolism of these dangles is the power of air.

The “wind turbines” have been shaped from precious metal clay which results in objects of 999 silver content.

Wind turbine earrings are quite large (almost 2″/ 5 cm). Yet they are very light to wear.

The stones are genuine turquoise of top quality – not colored, laminated or manipulated in an other way.

Read more about turquoise here

Natural turquoise is a very lucky stone.In many cultures turquoise has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman.

These gemstones have been worn as natural protection against the powers of darkness. If in earlier times they preserved horse and rider from unexpected falls, they are regarded today as the protective stone of pilots, air crews and other occupational groups who are exposed to an especially high degree of risk.
In modern gemstone therapy, those suffering from depression are recommended to wear a turquoise or a chain with turquoise beads.  It is also often given as a gift, a stone of friendship, for the turquoise is said to be responsible for faithfulness and constancy in relationships.

Turquoise should be protected from cosmetics, heat and bright light. It is not a gemstone to take with you when you go sunbathing. It is best to give it a clean from time to time with a soft cloth.

These unique earrings are a perfect gift for the people born in December. They can also be worn by other signs, bringing them luck and prosperity.


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