Flint pendant sterling silver, polished flint stone


  • 925 silver
  • unisex necklace: gift for him or for her
  • 50×20 mm large flint stone
  • custom brown or grey leather chain, choice between 2 options


Flint pendant set in sterling silver, large rectangluar polished flint pendant 50×20 mm large.

The pendant will be delivered on a brown braided or grey plain leather chain, two options of choice. Braided and plain, 3 or 2 mm thick. See pictures.
The thicker braided chain (3mm) and the thinner plain chain are available in 3 length sizes (40, 45 and 50 cm).
Both leather chains will be finished with a silver colored clasp.

Unisex necklace: gift for him or for her

This handmade sterling silver flint pendant is made with a natural striped flintstone. Unlike most Polish flintstones sold online, this banded brown gemstone comes from Russia, the Moscow region. The Russian flint has more iron and manganese in it, which is showing in the orange-brownish stripe color.

Flint is a strong stone: heat resistant, impact resistant, pressure resistant and wear resistant.

Flint has been traditionally mined since the Neolithic Period for flint tools.

Another important property of flint is its ability to generate sparks of hot material when it is struck against steel. This property allows flint to be used as a fire-starter. Skilled people can use a piece of flint, a piece of steel, and a little tinder to quickly start a fire.

Flint is a very durable material that accepts a bright polish and often occurs in attractive colors. It is occasionally cut into cabochons, beads, and baroque shapes for use as a gemstone.

This ultimately masculine stone has inspired me to make a real men’s pendant, in a shape of a rectangle necklace.
In Russia when they want to compliment a man for his strength they call him a “Flint’ (Kremen’)

Read more about flint here


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