Zilvera’s shop policies

Quality disclaimer

Zilvera’s shop sells items, crafted by hand and not machined by industrial mass production. It means that two parts in a pair cannot be absolutely identical due to variations in materials and processing. For instance precious stones used for a pair of dangles inevitably vary in size and color.

The items are sold in the state as they are depicted on the photographs. The photographs are considered to contain complete information, including all eventual irregularities.
However, not all details can be shown. The non-visible side may have a different surface polishing degree, which makes it less shiny. Deviations in color are also possible.
By this a disclaimer is made as to possible reclamations due to the above.

Zilvera’s shop explicitly states that it will not bear any responsibility for any damage, direct or indirect, caused by use (either regular or not) i.e. by wearing of its jewellery.


The prices in Zilvera’s shop include Dutch VAT of 21%. Since Zilvera is not a VAT subject the VAT cannot be claimed back.


Zilvera is based in the Netherlands and all items are shipped from the Netherlands. There are two basic modes of shipping: by registered mail and by regular mail. Items with a value of EUR 50/ USD 70 or more are always shipped by registered mail. Less expensive items can be sent by registered mail if chosen by the buyer. Extra insurance can be provided on request, all the costs of insurance to be borne by the buyer.

Cancellation before shipment

If an order is cancelled – before the shipment of the item –  on request of the buyer, the paid amount will be refunded minus the applicable PayPal and/or bank transfer commission.

If the buyer who has bought an item fails to pay within 8 working days without stating the reason (and not responding to communication) Zilvera has the right to cancel the sale and return the item to the shop.

Returns, refunds and repairs

Damage during transport.

The shipped items will be carefully packaged to avoid damage during transport. If damage occurs during transport, the seller is not responsible for it, unless the buyer can prove that the item was packaged in an unsuitable way.

However, if an item arrives damaged and it can be clearly described/substantiated by the buyer, there are several options:

1. Free repair service. In this case all shipping costs connected with repair will be borne by zilvera.

2. Return and refund. The total purchase amount (including shipping costs) will be refunded, minus applicable paypal/bank transfer costs (if any). The buyer has to ship the item back, and the costs of this return shipment will be borne by the buyer. As soon as the item arrives at zilvera’s, the refund will take place.

Damage during wear.

Zilvera’s shop is in principle not responsible for any damage during wear, neither for the damage to the items themselves, nor for the damage which may be caused by the articles (for instance, when unintentionally swallowing it).

However, if an item gets broken in the course of a normal wear during the first months a free repair service is offered. In this case shipment costs to-and-back from zilvera’s will be split 50-50. Return and refund are also possible on the conditions as described above (the buyer will bear the shipment costs back to zilvera). All refunds take place at the moment the item arrives back at zilvera’s.

If an item has been broken by accident or misuse which do not qualify as normal wear, it can be repaired if technically feasible. For this repair a separate price will be agreed. A refund is not possible.

The judgment what qualifies as normal wear and what  – as damage by accident/misuse – will be done based on technical evidence, such as pictures, description etc.

Customer satisfaction guarantee

Zilvera offers her customers “not satisfied – money back” guarantee, i.e. the buyer can send the item back if this item does not meet his expectations. The buyer will obtain a full refund of the item. The buyer will have to pay the costs of the return delivery to zilvera’s. The item shall be returned within 10 days in the original state: not worn, not dirty or damaged etc. All refunds take place at the moment when the item arrives back at zilvera’s.

To request a return on any reason please fill in the return form.

Items made to order

Items made to order are never subject to refunds. The same applies to a possible downpayment/ advance sums paid by the buyer at the moment of the assignment if the buyer cancels the order after the item has been made, but before the shipment thereof.

Loss during transport.
If the buyer claims (s)he never received the item (s)he has to provide sufficient evidence for that. For instance, in case of a registered shipment, a message form track and trace system that the package has not been delivered. In all other cases a receipt issued by the post office which has accepted the item for shipment will serve as a proof of delivery.

To avoid situations when a package gets lost it is recommended to have jewellery shipped per registered (and insured) mail. When the extra costs of such delivery are not in proportion to the price of the jewellery piece, the buyer and the seller can agree to split risks and costs of shipping per regular mail (without track and trace).

Privacy statement

Zilvera’s shop will keep strictly private all details of the buyer such as data provided for a custom order, photographs, name, address and other data. It means that these data will not be published on zilvera’s website and/or other webshops of zilvera, nor made public in a different way. Zilvera may use photographs, drawings and other data provided by the buyer for promotion purposes only with prior written (email) consent of the buyer.