Cases of return

Return and refund of the purchased items is possible in the following cases:

  1. If an item arrives damaged during transport and it is not possible/ not desired by the client to repair it;
  2. If an item gets broken during the first weeks of normal wear, provided it can be substantiated by technical evidence (images, the story how it got broken etc) and it is not possible to repair it;
  3. If the buyer and zilvera’s have agreed before that in some situations (for instance, when there is doubt about the size, the wearing comfort, possible allergic reactions) the item can be returned.

Zilvera is a private seller and is not obliged by Dutch law (Wet Koop op Afstand) to provide a “not satisfied – money back” guarantee (Herroepingsrecht). However, I want to keep my customers happy and as a courtesy I offer a possibility of return/ refund of the paid sum. A buyer can return the item within 10 days if the item does not meet his/her expectations. See the procedure outlined below.

Items made to order are explicitly excluded from the right of return for this particular reason.

Please contact me using either the general contact form of a special form for return.

Procedure of return

After the buyer and Zilvera have contacted each other and agreed about return, the item shall be returned within 10 days in the original state: not worn, not dirty or damaged etc. All refunds take place as soon as possible, but in any case not later than 30 days from the moment the item arrives back at Zilvera’s. Zilvera shall restitute the paid amount (including shipping to the buyer) by transferring it to the buyers’ account (provided by the buyer) or by returning the paid amount through the PayPal (if the original transaction was paid via PayPal/credit card). In the last case there is a possibility – if certain time has elapsed between the original transaction and return – that the amount refunded to the buyer will be less an applicable PayPal payment commission.

In all cases the buyer will have to pay the costs of the return delivery to Zilvera’s.