Carnelian Cat Ring 3rd Intermediate Period, British Museum
Cat jewellery: why cats are so popular

Cats have always fascinated humanity. In ancient Egypt they were venerated as gods. The reverence for cats was expressed in different art forms. Last but not least, in cat jewellery.

Wearing jewellery creates a connection between the item and the wearer. People feel they can become a bit like cats themselves: elegant, calm, playful, sexy, soft yet strong and very resilient. That’s how animal totem jewellery works.

Making unique cat jewellery I want – like the ancient Egyptians did – to express my fascination for cats. I would also like to connect between all cat lovers in the world. My own cats help me in cat jewellery design: they are my living models and an endless source of inspiration.

I also love collecting unique cat jewellery on Pinterest designer cat jewelry board.

Combination of silver (especially silver clay) with gemstones which are cut and polished in the shape of a feline body makes my pieces unique cat jewellery. Browse my collection here below. Some of my cat jewellery pieces are still available for sale in my shop. Available items are marked green, click on the star to go to the shop. If the item is sold out t is also possible to order a jewellery piece in the same style. Just contact me.

Collection of cats by zilvera
  • chain cat bracelet copper
    For sale
  • Personalized cat initial necklace
    For sale
  • Siamese cat with saphire
  • Filigree cat pendant emerald
  • Black white cat charm bracelet
    For sale
  • Cat heart pendant
  • Wild cat pendant
  • purple stone cat head ring
  • green eyed cat pendant
    For sale
  • small size cat ring
    For sale
  • sterling silver cat pendant
  • carved stone cat ring
  • cat stud earrings1
  • Jet black cat pendant with genuine jet, silver
  • greencatpendant6af
  • kat van instagram copper cat necklace
    For sale
  • Literary cat necklace: Pushkin's poetry
    For sale
  • white cat necklace
  • White cat jewellery set
  • bronze cat necklace tiger iron
  • Cat with emerald eyes pendant
  • chalcedony sterling cat pendant
  • amethyst kat pendant
  • Sterling silver cat pendant blue kyanite
  • sterling cat pendant blue chalcedony
  • Golden cat ring 18 k gold
  • Cat and moon necklace, hawkseye
  • sterling cat pendant white opal
  • Labradorite cat pendant
  • Sterling cat ring amethyst
  • silver cat earrings turquoise
  • Sterling silver cat ring, hawk eye
  • Bronze tiger necklace
    Bronze tiger necklace, orange topaz eyes
  • bronze cat ring
    Bronze cat ring tiger iron, adjustable size
  • handmade cat earrings egyptian style
    Handmade cat earrings Egyptian style, bronze
  • Tigers eye earrings, bronze lions
    Tigers eye earrings, bronze lions
  • copper cat necklace
    Copper cat necklace
  • cat lovers pendant
    Cat lovers jewellery pendant
  • Mysterious Planet Cat necklace
  • siamese cat necklace silver
    Siamese cat necklace silver
  • Thirsty cat ring
  • sculpted cat ring
    fine silver sculpted cat ring
    For sale
  • sterling cat ring
    Sterling cat ring, tabby cat
  • Climbing cat pendant II
  • peach moonstone cat ring silver
  • Climbing cat pendant I
  • Sterling cat ring, tabby cat, small
  • Cat on jasper bracelet
  • Cats in Love pendant
  • Red heart cat pendant
  • Cat hearts earrings
  • Mean meowing kitty pendant
  • Charming Kitty Charoite necklace
  • First time hunter pendant
  • silver cat bracelet
    Silver cat bracelet or pendant
    For sale
  • Stalking in the dark, earrings
  • Silver cat rhodonite bracelet
  • Belomorite cat pendant
  • white moonstone cat ring
    White moonstone cat ring
  • Question Mark Cat ring
  • Rainbow moonstone cat ring
  • Rainbow moonstone cat pendant
  • Cat playing with pearl pendant
  • Sterling silver panther ring
  • Cats playing with turquoise earrings
  • Spiral cat pendant
  • Green pearl cat pendant
  • Cat on shell key ring
  • Tigers eye cat ring
  • Amber cat key ring
  • Jumping cat necklace
  • The Eye of the Leopard necklace
  • Silver cat ring pink onyx
  • Kitty with emerald eyes pendant
  • silver cat ring aventurine
    Small silver cat ring aventurine
  • Dangling cats earrings
  • Cat and mouse necklace
  • Amethyst cat ring
  • Amethyst cat ring
  • main coon cat pendant
    Amethyst cat pendant, main coon
  • Golden eye cat ring
  • Cat pendant with amethyst
  • Purple stone silver cat brooch
  • Cat pendant yellow topaz
  • Silver cat pendant, rose quartz
  • Charoite cat pendant silver
  • Egyptian cat charoite pendant
  • Silver leopard ring ancient style
  • White opal cat ring
  • Scratching kitty pendant
  • Silver cat earrings tanzanite
  • Howlite cat key ring
  • Silver cat labradorite pendant
  • Moonstone cat pendant 9
  • Large cat ring with moonstone
  • Champagne topaz ring
  • Peach moonstone cat head ring
  • Falcon eye cat ring I
  • Leather cat bracelet
  • Three cat necklace
  • Falcon eye cat pendant
  • Falcon eye cat ring II
  • Moongazer cat
  • Kitty earrings with orange stones
  • Kitten in the basket
  • Green eyed cat
  • Beginner