Rutilated quartz ring silver and goldThe symbolism of rings

Of all jewellery pieces rings have the strongest connection to the wearer. Because they are worn not only to be seen, but to see. You can spend hours admiring a precious stone on your own hand, while you can hardly see your own earrings. Or gaze at your necklace without risking neck pain. Rings are also most personal jewellery pieces because like no other jewellery type they must exactly fit in size.

Rings have rich symbolism too. Their shape stands for infinity. This is why wedding rings became the symbol of infinite love and loyalty. The finger on which rings are worn is important too. For instance the use of the fourth finger of the left hand (the ‘ring finger’) is associated with an old belief that the left hand’s ring finger is connected by a vein directly to the heart.

Handmade rings with stones and other ring types made by zilvera

Though rings are technically most challenging of all jewellery to make, I love making rings. Handmade rings with stones are my favourites. The best way to enjoy the beauty of the stone is to set it in a ring. The challenges are that the stone and its setting should be: a) smooth b) firm and c) not too protruding.  Because the hand is the most active part of the human body, rings should be as user friendly as possible to allow daily activities. By daily activities I do not mean household chores but typing for instance should be possible. It is sometimes a real challenge to combine the practical side with the aesthetical side.

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