Oorbellen met turkoois

Earrings are pieces of jewellery worn on ears. Besides the classic “ear-ring” design in the form of a loop or a hoop, earrings can range from small studs to large plates and dangling items. The size is ultimately limited by the physical capacity of the earlobe to hold the earring without tearing. However, heavy earrings worn over extended periods of time may lead to stretching of the earlobe and the piercings, like in Malaysia or in some African cultures.

The ear is a unique part of human body. According to auriculotherapy the ear contains a system of sensitive points which reflects the entire body. Piercings and pressure at the ‘wrong’ spot could influence one’s health in general. This is why comfortable earrings are so important.

Unique handmade earrings by zilvera

My earrings are designed to be as comfortable to wear as possible. I don’t want my clients to stretch their earlobes or experience other discomfort like head ache. This is why weight and general design of the earrings, especially dangles, is so important. I prefer dangles to studs because they allow to use stones, sculpted figurines and other artistic creations. For the dangling components the light weight of fine silver from pmc is often an advantage . On the other hand, the holding components such as earhooks or earpins are never made of pmc. Mostly I use commercial sterling findings. If you are allergic to sterling silver I can customize the earhooks for you where technically feasible, replacing sterling silver earhooks with those made from fine silver or surgical steel.

Browse my collection here below. Some of my earrings are still available for sale in my shop. Available items are marked green, click on the star to go to the shop. If the item is sold out it is also possible to order a jewellery piece in the same style. Just contact me.

Earrings by zilvera collection
  • Chunky Fluorite crystal earrings
  • filigree charoite earrings
  • Copper Star of Svarog earrings
    For sale
  • Aquamarine button studs silver
  • raw iolite earrings
    For sale
  • iolite collage
  • pink tourmaline triangle earrings, pearl, sterling silver pins
    pink tourmaline triangle earrings
    For sale
  • Square studs earrings emerald
  • Precious metal clay leaf earrings
    For sale
  • pugearring4a
    For sale
  • emerald earrings with pearl
  • sapphire earrings
  • red coral earrings pearl 1b
  • celtic knot earring 1c
  • crystal pearl earrings 1a
    For sale
  • amazonite earring
    For sale
  • grey green chalcedony earrings 1b
    For sale
  • triangle charoite earrings
  • blue banded agate earrings
    For sale
  • Gold color fox earrings
    For sale
  • Christmas bells earrings
  • moss agate earrings
  • dragon earrings fine silver
    For sale
  • Circle hoop earrings silver 999
    For sale
  • Lapis lazuli dangle earrings
    Lapis lazuli dangle earrings
  • Mint green garnet ear studs
  • Color change cubic zirconia earrings
  • Charoite pinwheel earrings
  • crescent moon and star earrings
    Crescent moon and star earrings
    For sale
  • angel wing earrings stone
    For sale
  • raw aquamarine earrings
    Raw aquamarine earrings silver
  • wind turbine earrings
    Wind turbine earrings turquoise
    For sale
  • aquamarine golden ball earrings4bf
    For sale
  • mint green garnet earrings
  • Silver purple heart earrings
    For sale
  • silver pink heart earrings
    Silver pink heart earrings
    For sale
  • amethyst heart earrings
    Silver amethyst heart earrings
    For sale
  • Aquamarine squares earrings
  • Square earrings with blue stones
  • silver celtic knot earrings
    Silver celtic knot earrings, garnet
  • Square fine silver earrings with red stones
  • Fine silver square dangles
  • Interchangeable earring set
    Interchangeable earring set
    For sale
  • Blue sapphire earrings
  • Windmill earrings Delft blue
  • Snowstorm, silver belomorite earrings
  • Fox earrings silver
  • Green apple earrings
  • Silver bamboo sticks earrings
  • IMG_20170417_115506
    For sale
  • Green jade earrings
  • Silver ant earrings
  • silver clay bezels
    Flaming hearts earrings
  • Vintage glass dangles
  • Halfmoon earpins