tumbled yellow citrine necklaceThe pendant is probably the most ancient jewelry type. Our ancestors picked up an object they liked, such as a beautiful rock or shell, pierced a hole in it and attached it to a string usually made of grass or leather so that it could be worn around the neck. The name “pendant” means “hanging”. In Dutch: “hanger” . Together with the string, chain or cord, on which it is hung, it is called “necklace“.

Pendants have been worn as a kind of ID, to show that the owner belongs to a certain tribe. Or as a status symbol. For instance, to boast that the wearer has killed so many lions. In our modern world, we wear pendants to make different statements. For others or for ourselves. Pendants like religious symbols or lockets with the portrait of a beloved one are often kept private and worn underneath the clothes, Soldiers wear pendants with blood group and other personal data. A pendant is worn close to two important chakra’s: the throat chakra and the heart chakra. So the stones and symbols contained in the pendant can influence the body and the soul of the wearer.

One of a kind pendants and necklaces by zilvera

My designs are based on two principles: a) pendants are meant to be eycatchers and b) most of them contact the skin directly. Even when a pendant is large and irregular shaped it should not irritate the sensitive skin of the chest.  The contact with a gemstone might be good for stone therapy, but if it is a faceted stone, it is better to have some protection.

I make both pendants an necklaces, i.e. pendants with chain, cord or another type of string. Many of my necklaces are customizable in length. If you do not know exactly what length to choose, follow this rule of a thumb. A standard choker is 38-40 cm, a short necklace (“princess”) to wear above the T-shirt is 40-46 cm, a medium or “matinée” strand is 50 to 60 cm long and sits at the bust line. A long necklace starts at 60 cm. The “opera” length which is typically 70-80 cm sits around the breastbone area. Some people may use this length to wrap around twice, making it look like a double choker style necklace. And an extra long “rope” model is longer than 80 cm. Of course, not all women are built the same. Neck size, body length, bust height and shape matter too.

Browse my collection here below. Some of my one of a kind pendants and necklaces are still available for sale in my shop. Available items are marked green, click on the star to go to the shop.

If the item is sold out t is also possible to order a jewelry piece in the same style. Just contact me.

Zilvera’s pendants and necklaces collection
  • fern leaf pendant emerald
    For sale
  • Celtic knot aka Star of Svarog charm with amethyst
    Star of Svarof amethyst charm
    For sale
  • Fibrous-malachite-raw-crystal-necklace
    For sale
  • Leaf pendant fibrous malachite silver 925
    Leaf pendant fibrous malachite silver 925
    For sale
  • small-fibrous-malachite-chunk-wire-wrapped
    For sale
  • corundum pink sapphire necklace
    For sale
  • Blue Pietersite necklace, phoenix bird, sterlingsilver
    Blue Pietersite necklace, phoenix bird
    For sale
  • Slavic pendant chrome diopside in sterling silver
    Slavic pendant chrome diopside
    For sale
  • raw-tsavorite-green-garnet-pendant
    For sale
  • shamrock charm green-gemstones emerald tsavorite
    For sale
  • Tumbled rubellite necklace
  • raw azurite necklace gold filled wire wrapped
    raw azurite crystal necklace
    For sale
  • uvarovite pendant Christmas tree
    For sale
  • Fibrous malachite necklace gold filled wire
    Fibrous malachite necklace gold
  • garnet schist necklace
  • seahorse necklace on chain2a
    For sale
  • Pink rhodonite necklace blue amazonite, polymer clay
    For sale
  • puffy heart jasper1a
  • Pointed citrine crystal necklace
  • Green agate necklace copper
    For sale
  • Blue denim lapis necklace
    For sale
  • labyrinth pendant 2a
  • Raw ruby emerald tourmaline pendant
  • three gemstone wire wrapped pendant 1a
  • two sapphire necklace fine silver
  • Carnelian fox pendant II
  • lanzarote lava lizard necklace
  • Raw emerald cross pendant
  • gooseberry4
    For sale
  • red dragon necklace
  • Long chain necklace ultraviolet agate
    For sale
  • Anchor heart cross necklace
    For sale
  • Emerald charm necklace
  • Howling wolf moon necklace
    For sale
  • wolverine3d
    For sale
  • raw azurite crystal necklace
  • 3 stone pendant brass 1a
  • Staurolite cross pendant
  • Spartan shield pendant copper
  • Japanese maple leaf necklace
  • azurite pearl necklace 1a
  • Copper triskelion necklace, purple agate
    For sale
  • Copper rose necklace, goldstone
  • Garnet mica schist necklace
  • Christmas holly necklace copper
    For sale
  • Charoite necklace purple white beads
    For sale
  • spinner bead necklace 1a
  • Bronze bull head necklace gemstone
    For sale
  • Amethyst pearl necklace
    For sale
  • Large chevron amethyst bead necklace
    For sale
  • raw iolite necklace star
  • tumbled beryl pendant polar bear
  • Large seraphinite pendant
  • black basalt necklace 5
    For sale
  • raw emerald necklace
  • tumbled citrine necklace
  • blue pink silver charms
    For sale
  • amethyst charm necklace
    For sale
  • emerald branch pendant7a
  • belomorite pendant
  • raw beryl pendant, emerald aquamarine crystals, pearl, silver
    raw beryl necklace
    For sale
  • Uvarovite crystal pendant1
  • flint pendant
    For sale
  • rsilver raccoon necklace
  • azurite crystal pendant
  • brown agate pendant
  • chrysocolla pendant "rain forest"
  • water lily pendant
    For sale
  • Silver Triskelion pendant
  • Sterling silver wolf necklace
  • South America necklace Colombia emerald
  • Antarctica map pendant with penguins
  • Africa necklace bronze
  • Oak leaf necklace tigers eye bronze
  • devil necklace sterling silver
    For sale
  • Circles pendant pmc silver 999 blue spinel
  • Australia necklace silver black opal
  • dew drop pendant silver 999
    For sale
  • glass water drop pendant
  • Fox pendant silver, carnelian
  • black ammonite pendant silver necklace
  • Golden grape silver leaves pendant
  • amethyst silver dragon pendant
  • Sodalite pendant sailboat silver
    Sodalite pendant sailboat silver
  • Golden branch pendant 18 k gold
  • Golden salamander pendant, ruby 18 k gold
  • Silver dolphin pendant blue kyanite
  • Blue green glass pendant silver
  • peach moonstone pendant silver
  • Trillion cubic zirconia pendant
    For sale
  • Sunrise pendant sterling silver
    For sale
  • Moss agate pendant
  • Anchor pendant aquamarine silver
  • Sterling silver branch pendant, aquamarine
  • Sterling silver heart chain necklace
    Sterling silver heart chain necklace
    For sale
  • Little prince pendant
    Little prince pendant, fox rose
  • Secret Love necklace silver copper
    Personalized love necklace, secret love
  • Love birds on jasper
  • Tibetan dzi bead necklace, silver
  • large square jasper pendant
    Large square jasper necklace silver
    For sale
  • pietersite necklace neat
    For sale
  • anchor heart cross necklace
    Silver anchor heart cross necklace
  • glass water drop pendant
    Glass water drop pendant, silver
  • flip flop pendant silver
    Flip flop pendant silver, agate
  • Apple pendant sterling silver
  • Sterling silver tulip pendant
  • Silver necklace chrysoprase
  • Heart key pendant
  • Apricot agate pendant
  • Rose quarts pyramide pendant, silver
  • Topaz teardrop pendant silver
  • Opal butterfly necklace
  • Rose quarts pendant in silver
  • Herkimer diamond quartz pendant
  • Magnesium atom pendant
  • The Eye of Horus pendant
  • holly leaf pendant
    Silver holly leaf pendant
    For sale
  • Zulfiqar sword with garnet
  • Gemstone silver cross
  • Gothic dragon amethyst pendant
  • tumbled amethyst pendant
    Tumbled amethyst pendant silver
    For sale
  • Filigree amethyst pendant silver
  • Amethyst and pearl pendant
  • tigers eye pendant
    Tigers eye pendant silver
    For sale
  • Tiger's eye pendant, acorn
  • silver ammonite pendant
    Silver ammonite pendant
  • Golden dragon necklace
  • Autumn Bonfire pendant
  • tumbled yellow citrine necklace
    Tumbled yellow citrine necklace
  • golden leaf necklace citrine
    Golden leaf necklace, citrine
  • solstice necklace
    Solstice necklace
    For sale
  • Sunny citrine pendant
  • aquamarine crystal necklace
    Aquamarine crystal necklace
  • Aquamarine rock pendant
  • Black pearl silver pendant
  • black pink tourmaline necklace
    Black pink tourmaline necklace
  • Orchid necklace silver
  • Aventurine Heart pendant
  • Aventurine horn pendant
  • Silver tree jade necklace
  • Rugged flower jade pendant
  • The Ivy, aventurine pendant
  • Bronze turtle jade necklace
  • Giraffe pendant, picture jasper
  • Labrador on labradorite pendant
  • Silver lizard jade pendant
  • Gorilla with baby pendant
  • Fluorite tear pendant
  • Fluorite green pearl pendant
  • Moonstone emerald pendant
  • Dendritic opal pendant
  • Moonstone pendant pearl
  • Rose, silver pendant pink pearl
  • Japanese maple leaf pendant
  • Pear silver pendant
  • Color changing stone
  • Grapes pendant
    Grape, fine silver gold pendant
  • Silver Tulip leather necklace
  • falcon eye jewelry, necklace
    Falcon eye jewelry, black necklace
  • The Spark of Hope silver necklace
  • Golden rutilated quartz necklace
  • Blue eye lapis pendant
  • Dutch blue tulip necklace
  • Swans in love necklace silver
  • Angel wings blue topaz necklace
  • Blue sky bird pendant
  • love word necklace silver
    Love word necklace silver
    For sale
  • Hematite cross silver heart
  • Red jasper, black leather necklace
  • Red garnet crystal necklace