Fruit brooch, sterling silver multistone brooch tutti frutti


  • 925 silver
  • 8 genuine (semi)precious stones: amazonite, charoite, chalcedony, carnelian, tigers eye, hawks eye, ruby
  • 4×4.5 cm large


Fruit brooch, sterling silver multistone brooch “tutti frutti”.

A handmade fruit brooch decorated with 8 GENUINE gemstones: 2 Russian amazonite leaves (10×4 mm), 1 Russian charoite (8 mm), 2 chalcedony/carnelian from India (10 mm), 1 tigers eye (12×6 mm), 1 hawks eye (3×5 mm), and a chunk of ruby crystal (4 mm).

The fruit brooch has been inspired by the gemstones, their color and shape. The tigers eye for a pear, chalcedony – peach, carnelian – apple (or peach), hawks eye – figue, ruby – raspberry (or strawberry) and purple charoite – for a plum. Togther a cheerful tutti frutti combo, a nice summer gift, especially for someone born in August or September.

The stones have been shaped by me and cut just a bit to resemble the fruit shape.

The fruit basket has been weaved by hand from 22 g sterling wire.

The pin and clasp are made of sterling silver.

The piece is about 4×4,5 cm (1,6×1,8 inches) big. It is quite heavy piece, so it is recommended to wear on a thicker fabric like linnen.


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