Gemini birthstone pendant tigers eye, emerald, brass


  • 30×15 mm large pendant or keychain
  • genuine gemstones: tigers eye and raw emerald
  • Zodiac birthstones


Gemini birthstone pendant tigers eye, emerald, brass.

A handmade pendant or keychain with lucky stones for Gemini natives (21.05-21.06). To wear around your neck or on a bag (just be careful with the little stone, it can get caught easily)


The Gemini twins are represented by the twins Castor and Pollux. Known together as the Dioscuri, these twins are representative of the dual-natured personality. Geminis in general tend to exhibit two seemingly separate personalities. At one moment they may seem happy and good-natured and a split second later can seem cold and withdrawn.

Along with being a birthstone under Gemini, Tiger’s Eye is the planetary birthstone for the Gemini zodiac. It’s considered a stone of protection and helps focus the mind, mental clarity, and problem resolution. 

Tiger’s Eye gets its healing properties from the sun and the earth. It’s commonly used when working with the solar plexus chakra and has great grounding properties. The tiger’s eye will help clear chakra imbalances and encourage self-trust and self-sufficiency

A Tiger Eye gives you the strength and courage to make decisions. You already possess a good dose of curiosity and have great adaptability: from now on, you’ll gain additional focus and determination. You’re unstoppable!

A classic Gemini stone, the Emerald, symbolizes love and successful communication. Its lush green color encourages growth, harmony, and good luck for the wearer.

This particular combination of key birthstones for Geminis aims to harmonize their intrinsic qualities through the natural energies of these gemstones. Whether incorporated into jewelry or used for personal meditation, each stone resonates with the multifaceted nature of Gemini, offering a wide array of benefits from emotional balance to mental clarity.

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