Literary cat necklace, Pushkin poem cat, the tree of life


  • cats in literature
  • 45×35 mm large pendant
  • 925 and 999 silver, 14 k gold, green crystals
  • chain not included


Literary cat necklace, Pushkin poem cat, the tree of life: 925 and 999 silver, 14 k gold, green crystals

Design and materials

This unusual silver and gold necklace has been made of 925 and 999 silver and 14 k gold. It is an oak tree necklace and a cat necklace at the same time. The oak trunk has been fused from sterling silver. The canopy has been wire wrapped using sterling silver wire and ornated with 10 green olivine Swarovski crystals.

The silver cat has been shaped by hand from precious metal clay, making it 999 silver. The cat is doing a walkaround the oak tree on a 14 k golden chain.

The tree of life silver pendant is 4,5×3,5 cm (1,8 x 1,4 inch) large.

Chain not included, but can be ordered as an extra. The oak leaf bail is 5-6 mm wide. It fits the majority of silver chains.

This literary cat necklace is solid, romantic and easy to wear

About the literary cat

This piece of literary jewelry combines art and jewelry. It could make a nice literature gift for a lover of Pushkin and poetry.

The tree of life symbol crosses all cultures and stems back to our ancient ancestors. From Assyria to Egypt, from Judaism to Scandinavian tradition. Few symbols are as universal, nourishing and powerful as the Tree of Life. It represents wisdom, strength, prosperity, protection, beauty and connection to our Earth. My tree of life pendant has been inspired by the Russian literature.

Alexander Pushkin’s opening lines of Ruslan and Ludmila poem (an epic fairy tale) published in 1820 are:

On seashore far a green oak towers,
And to it with a gold chain bound,
A learned cat whiles away the hours
By walking slowly round and round.
To right he walks, and sings a ditty;
To left he walks, and tells a tale….

Throughout the centuries literature historians tried to uncover the mysticism of the oak tree. Actually the Russian poet might have referred to a tree of life standing on a Northern seashore of Russia. Interestingly, it is where the Scandinavian myths placed their version – the Yggdrasil tree.

Jewish mysticism depicts the Tree of Life in the form of ten interconnected nodes, as the central symbol of the Kabbalah. It comprises the ten Sephirot powers in the Divine realm. This is why I used 10 stones in this tree.


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