Raw heliodor pendant silver brass, rectangle yellow beryl


  • 20×10 mm rectangular raw heliodor (golden beryl)
  • set in silver and brass
  • chain is an extra option


Raw heliodor pendant silver brass, rectangle raw yellow beryl in a mixed media design.

Less than 1 inch large (20×10 mm) rare golden beryl form Transbaikal area. Set in sterling silver, decorated with a brass wire and a tiny cubic zirconia

Let the sun shine with this golden beryl (aka heliodor) raw heliodor pendant.

Chain can be delivered as an option, please let me know if you want to have one
Heliodor is a member of the beryl family. This stone is known for its range of yellow colors — from pale yellow, greenish yellow, orange-yellow, to a deep golden orange. Heliodor can be faceted for jewelry use.
Pure beryl is colorless, but impurities within the mineral cause beryl to occur in a variety of different colors. The yellowish colors of heliodor are usually caused by small amounts of iron within the mineral’s crystal structure.

Yellow beryl and golden beryl are other appropriate names for heliodor.

Helidor is the stone of the Sun. The name “heliodor” is derived from two Greek words: helios, which means “sun,” and doron, which means “gift.” The Greeks believed that Heliodor contained the power and warmth of the sun and that it was responsible for the alternation of day and night. This strong belief is reflected in the name itself, for the Greek meaning of heliodor is “gift of the sun”.


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