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Raw tumbled peridot earrings, brass, surgical steel


  • Raw tumbled peridots, 5 mm
  • brass prong setting
  • surgical steel earrings


Raw tumbled peridot earrings, tiny (5 mm) raw tumbled peridots set in gold colored brass. Prong (basket) setting.

Surgical steel earrings are a low allergy alternative for adding other metals than gold (and silver) to delicate ears.

A sweet classic design, can be worn on any occasion.

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  • Peridot, known for its glimmering green hue, symbolizes purpose and focus, and is revered for its summer spirit, good-luck vibes, and ability to instill a sense of calm and safety.
  • Healing Properties: This gemstone is believed to offer physical healing benefits such as detoxification, cell regeneration, metabolism enhancement, and alleviation of skin problems, along with mental and emotional healing by stabilizing moods, reducing jealousy, resentment, and encouraging a positive outlook.
  • Protection: Historically prized by high priests and kings, Peridot is said to ward off evil spirits and negative emotions, providing a protective shield against harmful energies.
  • Usage: Peridot can be utilized in various ways including as jewelry for direct skin contact, or placed in homes and offices to promote Feng Shui, bringing joy, compassion, and harmony to the environment.


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