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Red white and blue gemstones ring


  • 925 silver
  • genuine gemstones: red jasper, blue lapis, white opal, each 0,6 cm large
  • Ring size US 8 = EU 18,2


Handmade red white and blue gemstones ring, 925-silver, with three genuine red white and blue gemstones: red jasper, white opal, blue lapis. Massive sterling silver ring size 18 (US 8) does not feel heavy at all.

Matching many national flags, this red white and blue gemstones ring also makes a patriotic statement.

Each of the cabochon gemstones is 0,6 cm large. The red white and blue gemstones ring is based on a steel brushed sterling silver plate (1,7×2,5 cm).

The solid sterling silver ring band is 0,8 cm wide.

Red white and blue gemstones ring symbolism

Red white and blue is a classic flag combination used in many national flags. Such as the Dutch flag, the French flag,the UK and the US flag.

However the idea to combine three precious stones of red, white and blue colors was inspired mainly by the fact that these three colors form a classic combo. The colors also stand for basic philosophical values: with red representing blood, war and courage, blue standing for justice and freedom, and white representing purity and equality.

The three selected genuine gemstones have their own properties: red jasper stands for vitality, blue lapis – for communication, and white opal – for compassion.

Red gemstones can be used to strengthen the body, promote will power and courage, add vitality, overcome sexual dysfunctions.

White gemstones are ruled by the Moon and are associated with sleep and psychic energy. They are often used for good fortune, protection after dark. Some say that because white stones contain all the colors, they can act as substitutes for stones of any color.

Blue gemstones promote peace and are used to calm ragged emotions. They are used to provide relief to people who have difficulty sleeping or who have nightmares. They offer inspiration and enhance the quality of communication.


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