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Sculpted cat ring silver 999, british shorthair


  • 999 and 925 silver
  • unique silver sculpted cat ring
  • featuring british shorthair cat
  • Ring size US 8 = EU 18,2


Fine silver sculpted cat ring size US 8, EU 18,2, cat sculpture made by hand in 999 silver, with a british shorthair cat as a model. Sculpted cat is 2 cm large and very realistic, everyone can see you wear a cat ring on your finger.

Unlike most “cats zilvera” this sculpted cat ring does not contain any prominent gemstone. It is more about shape and the beauty of the metal than about color.

Making of sculpted cat ring

This sculpted cat ring has been shaped in precious metal clay. After processing PMC results in objects containing 99.9% pure silver. I like to use PMC for sculpting my animal jewelry since this material allows to capture any fine detail and any body line of animals, especially cats with their elegancy. A British shorthair has been taken as a model for the cat’s head: with round cheeks, relatively small ears and a typical “stop” at the base of the nose. A dark yellow CZ chunk has been set as an eye.

The cat sculpture has been soldered to a sterling silver ring shank, 3 mm wide, halfrounded in shape. As you can see on the picture the shank is invisible: it looks as if the cat is resting on your finger.

This fine silver sculpted cat ring would make a very special and unique gift for a cat lover. One of a kind, won’t be reproduced. Size can be adjusted for free.


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