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Wolf head ring sterling silver, zigzag ring custom size


  • 925 silver
  • custom size from 16 to 22
  • wolf head
  • zigzag ring 5 mm wide


Wolf head ring sterling silver, made from upcycled sterling silver, zigzag ring custom size.

Featuring a 2×1 cm wolf head cast from sterling silver using Delft sand casting technique. Sand casting is probably the oldest casting technique on Earth. This is why the wolf head reminds of prehistoric jewelry pieces, having the same primitive jewelry style.

The wolf head ring sterling silver has been soldered to a 5 mm wide zigzag ring.

A unique piece of handmade wolf jewelry, a gothic wolf totem.

The ring will be finished to any desired size in the range US 6-US 13 (EU 16-22)

It is a perfect men’s ring but can also be worn by women.

Interested in another piece of wolf jewelry (also for him or for her)? Check out this one.
If bought together you will get a free shipping upgrade to registered mail (20 USD/17 Euro worth)
As a Spirit Animal, Wolf comes to support and teach us about matters of personal power, balance, self-control and our animal instincts. Wolves are misunderstood by many to be aggressive, vicious animals who attack with no provocation. … In fact, Wolves go out of their way to avoid fights. They also are very social, loyal and have a keen sense of humor.
The power of the wolf brings forth instinct, intelligence, an appetite for freedom, and awareness of the importance of social connections. This animal can also symbolize fear of being threatened and lack of trust. When the wolf shows up in your life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.
Positive meanings emphasize a deep connection with your intuition and instincts. On the negative side, the wolf could represent a perceived threat or a lack of trust in someone or your own feelings or actions. This spirit animal also reflects sharp intelligence in dealing with important matters.


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