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Wyoming jade earrings sterling silver, moss agate, tree shape


  • drop length 25 mm
  • tree shape: hand-cut Wyoming jade leaves, 15×5 mm rectangular moss agate
  • 925 sterling silver ball pins


Wyoming jade earrings, set in sterling silver.  With rectangular 12×5 mm moss agate, as a tree trunk, and hand cut and hand polished jade leaves. The shape of these earrings reminds a tree. The jade is translucent and shining.

On sterling silver ball earpins. Drop length 25 mm

The jade-agate combination is earthy. The green, white an brownish colors match any informal outfit such as khaki.

These Wyoming jade earrings can be worn by anyone with love for nature. They make a nice piece of floral jewelry.


If you wonder how Wyoming jade has come to the Netherlands. I received some Wyoming jades form my friend living there.

The term jade is applied to two distinct and unrelated mineral species.
Wyoming Jade is nephrite. Sinkankas (1959) considered Wyoming Jade to be some of the finest nephrite in the world. Wyoming Jade varies from translucent to opaque. Most nephrite contains some inclusions, which can affect its ability to take a polish. Lighter and brighter colors are rarer and are generally valued more highly than darker colors. Similarly, more translucent nephrite commands higher prices than nearly opaque material. These factors and their interrelationships determine the overall assessment of an individual piece of jade. Finished pieces of high-quality material vary upward from a few carats to many kilograms. Only about 10 percent of most nephrite deposits are considered gem quality.

Read more about Wyoming jade here 

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