Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Research shows that that good-looking people are happier and more successful than plain-looking or unattractive people. In society, attractive people tend to be more intelligent, better adjusted, and more popular. Attractive people also have more occupational success and more dating experience than their unattractive counterparts. 

The theory behind it says that good-looking people are naturally more confident than less attractive people, not because they are simply more attractive, but because we as a society have empowered them to be more confident since they were young. 


Now comes the real-life story: these kittens were born to a backyard cat fed by me during holiday season. Of course all kittens are cute, but some of them are cuter than the others. So I decided to adopt just one of them (unfortunately I could not adopt them all). The cutie of my choice felt it immediately: now he is the first one running to me, stumbling on his short paws and meowing out loud.The one I found least attractive did not even care to look when I shot this picture.

I wonder how do they feel the difference?

I guess it’s all about empowering – with the energy of admiration. If we find someone – or something – beautiful, we start to admire him, her or it, sending them our “good vibes”.  These vibes are felt by the admiration object, which starts to behave in the positive way. This is how the foundation for the future success is laid.
Now, one might ask: how does this conclusion relate to selling (handmade) jewelry? Well,  the more admirers a piece has, the higher its chance to succeed. Does it always mean that the most beautiful pieces are also the ones which are best sold? Not necessarily. The ones which are best advertised are best sold. Advertising attracts this energy of admiration which makes a piece desirable by many. Actually serial jewelry is more admired and more empowered than a single-edition piece. Just because of so many views, likes and sales.

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