Delft blue jewellery with tulip – another cliche or a success formula?

Yesterday, in attempt to recycle an absolutely failed fine silver piece, I melted the silver to a lump which vaguely reminded me of a tulip. After some carving and filing the tulip shape became so distinct that I decided to add some leaves and the stem to make it a flower.

Carl Jung would call it synchronicity: now when the tulips in Holland are in full blossom, it is all about tulips.Tulip is an ultimate Dutch symbol, as much as the Dutch blue porcelain. And I had some Delft blue porcelain beads too. So 1+1 makes 2, and in this way this beautiful pendant was born.

I try to avoid clichés in my jewelry. According to definition cliché is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused and lost its novelty. But looking at the world around me I see lots of other things which fit this definition. Especially in applied and decorative arts where basic shapes and patterns are widely used. All these hearts, flowers, leaves, Zodiac sign symbols, aren’t they clichés? And yet we admire them.  Clichés make us feel good and safe. Maybe our eyes are used to the shapes and our minds – to the ideas behind the shape.

Now I am curious whether this piece of Delft blue jewellery will make a successful sale.


P.S. It did! As well as these earrings – another piece of Delft blue jewelleryDelft blue jewellery

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