Etsy Shop Updates need an urgent update (fixed)

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In October 2015 Etsy has launched the Sell on Etsy App with a new feature: Etsy Shop Updates. The new Etsy Shop Updates feature has been designed to “make it easier to drive traffic from social media back to your Etsy shop.”

In other words,  sellers should help Etsy to get more traffic from their own social media.  The feature is also supposed to keep the (past and future) buyers and followers updated of the shop news. So far so good.

After 2 months I decided to give this app a try. The reason to wait was that every new software might have some bugs and ‘child disease’ problems which are probably going to be fixed during the first few months of operation. At least, I thought so.

And yet two months later Etsy Shop Updates is not functioning properly.

Here are just a few ‘bugs’

  • Impossible to edit the uploaded photo. Pinch and zoom function does not work. While the app requires the minimum size of the uploaded picture to be at least 800×800 pixels, the app picks only a part of the image. I tried this function with different picture formats and sources, it worked nowhere
  • Shop Updates only supports tagging one listing per photo. It means that a seller must tie the update picture to one product only. Doesn’t matter whether the picture shows the atelier as a whole or working on future projects. No tag to an existing product, no upload.
  • It is impossible to tag the update to a newly listed item. I tried to do it for an item that has been published for 5 hours and it could not be found.
  • And if you think you’ve done all the steps OK, still the whole App can crash at the last moment.
The best Etsy feature is its community and the possibility to discuss all kinds of problems on etsy forums. Etsians are very sociable and ready to help. However the discussion on the etsy forums could not provide a solution either.
The sellers were quite enthusiastic when this feature was launched. But their enthusiasm ebbed down quickly. The last comments on Etsy Shop Updates topics end around November 22. One month after the launch everyone probably got tired and has given it up. What is also typical of the discussion that many different people with different smartphone models are complaining of the same problem. Some of them are blaming their own hardware instead of naming the true reason:
Etsy Shop Updates feature is full of bugs and needs to be fixed.
But probably etsy has lost interest because the expectations to draw more traffic from the sellers’ social networks have not been met. Let’s wait and see.
I give it up for now and focus on Instagram instead. Funny enough, I can upload all kinds of pictures from all kinds of sources (including desktop PC without using Bluestacks or any other software). But this is a topic for a next blog.
Update 03.01.2016: the bug is still there and many people still complaining about it. But is working on it. Follow this etsy thread for the latest news.
Update 08.01.2016: etsy has fixed it

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