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Team spirit on etsy is the main reason why I am not closing my etsy shop, even if my sales there dropped to zero in the last months. Browsing through forums and team discussions I have found this great tip about an image background remover I am going to share with you.

It is called FotoFuze and it works a way better than the background burner described in this blog.  It is connected to etsy, so you can sign up with your etsy shop and import all of your listing photographs there. Or just upload one from your computer.

The difference in precision between the background burner and FotoFuze is like one between a chisel and a surgical knife.

At the same time FotoFuze is not complicated at all. This is how the editing screen looks like.FotoFuze image background remover screen

Main editing tools offered by Fotofuze are two sorts of  highlighters (I prefer the one on the right), an eraser and a slider to set the size of those. There are also standard functions as crop and rotate, quick fix (color correct and auto-crop). An “undo” button which can not be missed in image editing software. And last but not least the possibility to set the desired background. I chose the golden middle – see blue dot – because of the “calm” effect of such a background. But you may like more contrast and then you can go for white/black.

Then you start working – or is it playing? – with FotoFuze. Highlighting the shape that you want to keep by drawing lines or selecting in a dot-like style. Experimenting with different sizes, angles, literally getting into each nook and cranny. Correcting with the eraser or “undo” button (I prefer the eraser). Monitoring errors on the check error screen and previewing the result (you need a paid Pro version for larger preview screen shots). When it is ready, push FINISH and you will see the large image. You can always decide whether you want to edit it further – then just follow the left arrow back to editing. Or download and use it either for an existing etsy listing or for another shop.

image background remover
red and green aventurine


The result is really nice. It is maybe not 100%, just 80 or 90%, depending on the original image background quality. Actually you can see it on the “error” screen already that some sections can present trouble when editing. But this is so far the best and the easiest – and free – image background remover . I hope they won’t make it paid after such enthusiastic response.

Fusion is cool.

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