Pink rhodonite necklace blue amazonite, polymer clay


  • main material: polymer clay
  • stone inlays: 12 mm pink rhodonite, blue-green amazonite chunks
  • 42 mm large pendant
  • custom length leather chain 2 mm thick


Pink rhodonite necklace with blue amazonite chunks, made of polymer clay, on a custom length leather necklace

Large pendant made from polymer clay with stone inlays: a 12 mm pink rhodonite and smaller blue-green amazonite chunks.

Made on the Beltane day, when Nature celebrates fertility,
The round pink rhodonite symbolizes the female egg, surrounded by blue male swirl-shaped amethyst chunks.
A fertility amulet, made in the folk art traditions

Rhodonite was first discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia in the 1790s.
It quickly became an extremely popular stone in Russian culture as a talisman of protection for babies, travellers, and nobles. In 1913, Russia even declared rhodonite the national stone!

The green-blue amazonite is originating from the Urals mountains in Russia. Amazonite varies in color from pale blue and green to deep turquoise. The Russian amazonite has a nice pattern and very deep green color (the Brazilian is more pale blueish).

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Pendant size = 42 mm (1.5 inch)

Will be delivered on a custom length 2 mm leather chain in the earthy color. Please tell me the desired length at checkout.


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