To be loved = to be owned by a cat

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The cute little kitty in this blog has grown up into the sweetest young cat I’ve ever seen. Smokey loves to kiss and to hug, sometimes his affection is out of every proportion. He also jumps on my lap when possible and stays there until I get tired of it.

Smokey the hugging cat

There are different theories about the reasons why some cats are more affectionate than others. Some claim that male cats are more affectionate than female cats because of their stronger territorial behavior. Showing affection to their owner is in fact claiming their most important territory/possession.
Cats show their affection in many ways, and even spraying into the face of their beloved owner is one of the ways to say “You belong to me”. Smokey did it once to my husband.

Amy Shojai, a renowned cat behaviour expert at writes: Cats are not people. They have no sense of democracy, equal treatment, or what’s fair.  So the concept of feline love can also differ from what we humans consider LOVE. They own us, so they mark us with head bunting, kneading, spraying and rubbing against our legs.

It may sound illogical, but most of the cat owners do not mind being loved – owned by a cat. Even those who think true love should not be possessive.

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