Tigers eye jewelry – June birthstone sale

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Tiger eye jewelry - made by zilvera
A selection of tiger’s eye jewelry by zilvera
Tigers eye jewelry: priceless stone at a small price

The mysterious chatoyance-effect of the tigers eye has made it a popular stone for Tigers eye jewelry.The gems are cut in cabochon shape in order to best display their chatoyancy.

This stone is as fascinating as it is inexpensive. Those who wear jewelry for status would probably never choose tigers eye jewelry.

My jewelry does not belong to the ‘status jewelry’, so I love experimenting with different stones, also less expensive ones. Tigers eye gemstone looks great in combination with precious metal clay: its silver and bronze varieties.

Tiger’s eye is also a technically ‘easy’ stone: sot enough for drilling holes, even with the hobby tools.

Tiger’s eye is a stone for the mind, not the body. Tigers Eye is used to focus the mind and increase the power of personal will. It helps us also helps with self-reflection. It also enhances the stability and balance.

Some sources call it – together with sunstone and citrine – an anti-depressant stone. I noticed that this stone is a wonderful balance medium for bipolars abd cyclothymics. It peps up without agitating too much, thus preventing the cycling mood swings.

Tigers eye is a favourite when it comes to protective stones. The watchful eye energy of the tigers stone has long been used in various forms of jewelry and protective home decor.
Unlike other protective stones, such as carnelian or black tourmaline, tigers eye can also help balance and clear emotions, thus contributing to a calm mind and peaceful disposition.

handmade cat earrings egyptian style
Red variety of the tiger eye:bull’s eye 

Falcon eye cat ring
Blue variety of tigers eye: falcon’s eye

Just a couple of words about red and blue varieties of the tiger’s eye, also called bull’s eye – red – and hawk’s eye (or falcon’s eye) – blue-black.

These stones – how beautiful they may like – are just manipulated tiger eyes. Red stones are brought about through gentle heat treatment. Dark stones have had their colours improved and been artificially lightened using nitric acid treatments.

Manipulated does not mean that the stone loses its properties. It remains the same tiger’s eye, only with a different color.

There is one more variety of tiger’s eye called tiger iron which is an altered rock composed chiefly of tiger’s eye, red jasper and black hematite. The bronze cat ring with the cat rested on a stone has been made using tiger iron. I have another tiger iron here, possibly for a custom order. Tiger iron is a very potent stone, because it adds the power of iron and earth to the balance of the tiger’s eye.

Tigers eye jewelry would make a nice gift for June born Gemini and everyone who is Mercurial, whose occupation implies being high on the nerves (such as simultaneous interpreters, journalists, traffic controllers), since it is very calming.

This is the reason zilvera’s jewelry has a sale of a couple of pieces of tiger’s eye jewelry. You are welcome in my shop



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