Zibbet vs etsy: the battle has been definitely lost by zibbet

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It’s been quite a while since I visited my shop at zibbet.com.

The reasons were multiple. As I wrote in this post the platform’s new policy after the relaunch did not make me happy. The fact that zibbet was going to charge for previously free services without adding any extra value on its part was a major no-go – at least for me. At this moment I have exactly 25 items in my zibbet shop. The limit for the free account has been reached, there is no room for expansion. No room and no desire either. Why should you waste your time on something not worthwhile?

I admit, I did nothing for my zibbet.com shop maintenance in the last months. And – after having seen these alexa.com charts – I realize that was the right thing to do. The popularity of zibbet.com has reached the zero point (but for the small upsurge around Christmas 2014). Compared to this situation the drop in zibbet’s popularity looks quite drastic. From 24 thousand down to 97 thousand in just one year! While etsy.com remained relatively stable. Could it be that there were many more sellers like myself (and – ultimately – buyers too) who simply left zibbet after the relaunch?




Zibbet.com has definitely lost in zibbet vs etsy battle. Actually there is no more zibbet vs etsy. They are simply not comparable.





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